As it turns out, it’s the small stuff that makes you want to pull your hair out. Like making a decision on a kitchen faucet, cabinet pulls, ceiling fans, chandeliers, what brand of appliances you want, all the things you didn’t think about until you had to think about them and now they’re all you think about. It’s been these small decisions that have been filling my brain and has me lurking Pinterest at 4am panicking about brass making comeback when I just filled our home with black and oil rubbed bronze.

I don’t really have a lesson in this other than try not to get too overwhelmed with the small stuff when renovating or redecorating. You already did the hard part. Try to just pick things you like and not worry about what is “on trend.”

Says the girl who would settle for nothing less than a sputnik chandelier. I mean, how pretty are these light fixtures?? Too bad all the ones I click through on Pinterest are a zillion dollars.

Source: Hunker
Source: Glitter Guide

Nic actually picked this faucet out originally and I wasn’t totally sold so we ended up buying a plain ole one. The next day I had serious regrets and frantically called him from work telling him he was right and we needed the industrial style faucet immediately and to return the other one. I’m so dramatic.

Source: HGTV
Source: Odd Girl Out


We ended up using matte black pulls for all of our cabinets and I am so pleased with how they turned out. I promise I’ll get decent pictures of everything one day but today is not that day. For now, you get a stock photo from Lowe’s. You’re welcome.







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