Y’all pregnancy brain is REAL and between this baby, the shop, and my never-ending cycle of buying and returning decor (more on that later) I have been super slack on updates. Most importantly: Bumpdates.

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with baby boy who still has no name we can fully commit to monogram. Apparently, he is currently the size of a zucchini!

HOW I’M FEELING: The truth is, I’ve been feeling really good! (Aside from constant heartburn that makes it feels as if I’ve swallowed a small dragon)

MOVEMENT:  Little man is super active. I can actually SEE him move around.. I literally spend the majority of the day poking/staring/talking to my stomach. I’m full-on that crazy pregnant girl that can’t do anything without touching her bump.

CRAVINGS: I’ve had more food aversions than I have had cravings, but I have definitely had moments where I NEEDED a blueberry muffin. My husband, on the other hand, is consuming a more than normal amount of pickles. (I’m assuming this is his sympathy pregnancy craving… I haven’t had a single pickle in case you were wondering)

BELLY BUTTON: Is rapidly disappearing. This is one of those things (like the swollen ankles) that I never thought about pre-pregnancy and it is so much weirder than I imagined.

ESSENTIALS: Right now, I am living off Tums, lathering up in Bio-Oil, and nesting by obsessively adding tiny human clothes to online shopping carts all across the internet.




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