Little man is super active, he gears up at exactly 7:50 every single night and I laugh every time. Actually WATCHING him move is the weirdest/most amazing thing ever. It’s hard to believe that I’m growing an actual human, I don’t think it has fully hit either of us yet, I don’t know if it will truly feel real until he is actually in our arms.

HOW I’M FEELING: Heartburn is still a daily battle, I am having a little more difficulty sleeping because he wants to party around 3am and I have to pee every 45 minutes, but I am physically fine. Getting slower, and possibly need help getting out of the bathtub, but fine.

MOVEMENT:  I love that I can SEE him move now, and he definitely not a quiet presence. Our OB told us he was officially in the head down position and that was semi-alarming because I realized there was actually a HEAD IN MY BODY. Pregnancy is so weird y’all, so weird! (Like, my Bump app told me he was peeing in me!!!! WTF!)

SIZE:  He is currently the size of a stalk of celery!

CRAVINGS: This is a strange one but I am ALL about some milk right now — paired with some Tollhouse straight-from-the-oven cookies, of course, but the milk is really the best part. And I am so not a milk girl so I’m calling it a craving.

BELLY BUTTON: Is hanging on for dear life but still semi-visible.

WEIRDEST THING THIS WEEK: You know that feeling when you fall asleep but instantly wake yourself up and jump a little? This tiny human totally did that earlier this week and it was by far the weirdest (but also wonderful) feeling I have had this entire pregnancy!





Y’all pregnancy brain is REAL and between this baby, the shop, and my never-ending cycle of buying and returning decor (more on that later) I have been super slack on updates. Most importantly: Bumpdates.

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with baby boy who still has no name we can fully commit to monogram. Apparently, he is currently the size of a zucchini!

HOW I’M FEELING: The truth is, I’ve been feeling really good! (Aside from constant heartburn that makes it feels as if I’ve swallowed a small dragon)

MOVEMENT:  Little man is super active. I can actually SEE him move around.. I literally spend the majority of the day poking/staring/talking to my stomach. I’m full-on that crazy pregnant girl that can’t do anything without touching her bump.

CRAVINGS: I’ve had more food aversions than I have had cravings, but I have definitely had moments where I NEEDED a blueberry muffin. My husband, on the other hand, is consuming a more than normal amount of pickles. (I’m assuming this is his sympathy pregnancy craving… I haven’t had a single pickle in case you were wondering)

BELLY BUTTON: Is rapidly disappearing. This is one of those things (like the swollen ankles) that I never thought about pre-pregnancy and it is so much weirder than I imagined.

ESSENTIALS: Right now, I am living off Tums, lathering up in Bio-Oil, and nesting by obsessively adding tiny human clothes to online shopping carts all across the internet.




Because photos are the new paper, right?

We hiked about an hour against the wind (hence our fab hair) for these shots… I think it was worth it. Nic isn’t super into photos, but we survived a year of marriage so I, of course, had to arrange a photo shoot to commemorate the occasion. I found this Yumi Kim dress and basically planned our day around it because that’s totally normal.



Photos by: Scott Smallin



10.08.16 | ONE YEAR DOWN

Nic and I got married in the middle (literally, in the middle) of Hurricane Matthew.

The happy “wedding week” texts and calls started that Monday, around the same day Hurricane Matthew started gearing up. We stressfully stalked the weather channel and waited with our fingers crossed for Al Roker to tell us the storm was going to turn around. We had until Wednesday to decide if we wanted to postpone or call off our dream day, and at the time, all the weather reports predicted a giant u-turn for Matthew. It was going to hit Florida twice and avoid South Carolina altogether. We were down a few guests and moved our ceremony indoors, but they were still just calling for rain. And we were ready* to get married. (*read: I. Was. So. Hungry.)

As it got closer the weather reports were all over the place and vendors started to panic: the flowers were delivered that Thursday and put in a freezer along with the cake. The three-string quartet had canceled fearing rain on their instruments. The courthouse (that had our marriage license) closed that Tuesday with no plans to open again until the following Monday. I had to call everyone I knew to get the notarized copy we needed to legally be married that day. And the most traumatic of all: UPS stopped delivering packages that same Tuesday… a giant package from Sephora full of wedding makeup, my bridesmaids gifts, nearly all of my honeymoon clothes, and my “day of getting ready outfit” didn’t arrive until three days after I was married.

Our videographer was coming up from Miami and his flight to Myrtle Beach had been cancelled, so I knew he wouldn’t be coming. I was bummed, but at that point, I was mentally prepared to stand in a room without power and marry Nic in someone’s living room. So when Alex (the videographer) walked in around one I was instantly in tears* and completely forgot I had that weird Saturday morning lounging half-bun-ponytail thing going on.

*Lets be real, I was in tears that whole day… I’m a crier. And here’s the video I never thought we’d have, weird getting ready hair and all:


The eye of the storm hit Myrtle Beach at half past five o’clock. The same time I was walking down the aisle.

We were so lucky that the hotel where the wedding and all related events were set to take place was practically the only place in town with power (we only lost power for about 30 seconds during dinner) and a lot of the wedding guests ended up checking in the hotel for an extra-long wedding weekend. While we may not have planned an epic hurricane wedding, the energy in the room was full of love and excitement and no one will ever forget it. I am basically a cautionary tale at this point, people introduce me like, “this is Hannah, she’s the one I was telling you about that got married in the hurricane.” And we laugh about the “storm of the decade” picking our wedding date to make landfall.

We are forever thankful to the staff at the Marina Inn at Grande Dunes, my makeup artist/maid of honor/goddess of a best friend Kara Cushman, the hair queen, Jessica, and everyone that was crazy enough to come party with us during a hurricane. I could NOT have gotten married without: Sara from Stunning and Brilliant Events and our ride or die photographer, Scott Smallin. (The sunshiny photos were taken post-wedding.)