*NOTE: All babies are different. Register for what YOU think YOU want your child to have. Just keep in mind they will probably hate/won’t use or need half of it. 

As far as WHERE to register: Babylist seemed like a good idea but I did not at all enjoy my experience with them. Returns were a nightmare, shipping took forever, and I really wish I had just registered locally. My advice: register at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and a locally owned baby shop. Mostly, register somewhere you can RETURN allllllll the stuff your tiny human doesn’t use.

Here’s what we ACTUALLY use/needed/wish we’d registered for:

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  1. The Rock n Play: I cannot preach enough about how life-changing this thing has been. It is literally the ONLY thing he will sleep in other than our arms. We love this one for night sleep because, well, it’s the one we had first! But now it’s the only thing we use in our room… we actually ended up getting two — it prevents us from constantly moving it back and forth between our bedroom and the living room.
  2. An activity gym: this Skip Hop one is great for tummy time, staring at the light show, and it just looks cute. I highly recommend an activity gym with lights AND music… it’s like a baby entertainment center.
  3. Pajamas with foldover hands: we did not have ANY of these and ended up buying a ton once we got home from the hospital. (Thank you Target pick up!) Footie pajamas are also wonderful but the gowns are super helpful for mid-night diaper changes, by the time I found these amazing knotted gowns from Lou Lou & Company  Hudson was too big for them. But I would have LOVED to had them!!!
  4. Baby washcloths and hooded towels: again, something you don’t need to spend a fortune on but you REALLY DO NEED 1000 baby washcloths because you use about 20 per bath. Or I do at least. Because I watched a YouTube video on how to bathe my child and I’m a insane.
  5. Different kinds of bottles/pacifiers
  6. Make sure you have diapers and wipes but don’t get too many because they may not be the size you expect them to be. Hudson skipped newborn diapers completely and we had them organized and stored all over our house and didn’t get to use any of them.
  7. Swaddle to take him home in: I’m mildly obsessed with all things Copper Pearl so this ultra-luxe swaddle is the perfect “take home” blanket and swaddle. Go ahead and buy the hat too… just in case they have a cone head.